We buy closeouts
Overruns / short-dated product / slow moving inventory 


We specialize in purchasing closeout inventories and distributing the products to secondary markets throughout the US and worldwide. We have the experience to purchase any closeout inventory and the ability to carefully control their distribution.

What we do

Whether it is a packaging change, overrun, test market product, premium, slow moving or discontinued inventory, RKS Sales Group, Inc. is your BEST link from your warehouse to thousands of our customers.

We are currently doing business with major manufacturers in the United States, Europe, and Southeast Asia. We have the customer base in the US to move your inventory according to your specifications.

We know the market and have the financial resources to react quickly with buying decisions, without the need of a buying committee.


Quick Decisions

We are a small but agile team of buyers with the means to make things happen.

Secondary Markets

We leverage our relationships with various secondary markets that won’t disrupt your current distribution channels. 

Worldwide Reach

We buy from manufactures from USA, Europe and Southeast Asia and have an even wider reach when it comes to retailers.

Multiple Warehouses

Your product gets shipped to one of our warehouses in Pennsylvania, Minnesota or California allowing us to sell your product coast-to-coast.  

Versatile Experience

For over 30+ years we’ve specialized in buying closeout inventories. Our talented team knows the market and can make decisions quickly.

You're In Control

We are willing to work within your boundaries and restrictions. Protecting manufacturers ongoing sales efforts is our top priority.

Generating New sales. Solving Big Problems


Retail Clients

Ongoing Projects

Cups Of Coffee

Why we are different

We have a strong financial position, over 30+ years of experience buying closeouts and can act quickly and decisively because we are small, agile and don’t require buying committees. We deal with products from a very wide range of categories including, toys, technology, housewares, food, clothing and more. Our objective is to build long lasting relationships with manufactures and we are 100% committed to our ongoing vendor relations. We are also very careful to work with our clients and ensure that we don’t conflict with your ongoing distribution channels. People love working with us because we are fun, easy going and stunningly handsome as well!

From Our Clients

Don’t just take it from us; here are some kind words from
revered fictitious product manufactures.

“Over the last 5+ years, we’ve been able to have a great working relationship with RKS. They are very easy to work with and are stunningly handsome to look at!”

Joanne S

Operation Director, Toy Manufacturer

“There are many closeout buyers in the US but none even come close to how easy it is to work with RKS. They even eat our product ;-)”

Samantha N

COO, Food Industry

“I wouldn’t want to work with any other closeout buyer after having worked with RKS. They have a great sense of style and taste.”

Eduard L

Product Development, Clothing Company

“They even pick up our goods from our warehouses. No need to deal with freight brokers. What a pleasure to work with RKS.”

Sharon E

Owner, Toy Manufacturer

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