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We buy and re-market excess and closeout inventory. We purchase goods and then discretely sell them out of your avenues of distribution, respecting any and all restrictions. We are located in Minneapolis MN, with warehouses in MN, PA, and CA.  No deal is too small, we’re interested in any opportunity you may have available. If you have something available now please feel free to email or call me. If you don’t have anything available now then please keep us in mind when future opportunities exist. Please find my contact information below, thank you for your time and consideration. 

Product Categories

Exercise Equipment
Collectable Cards
Health & Beauty Aids
Sporting Goods
Household Chemicals


Our team works to purchase all sorts of closeout products, excess inventory, and overruns. If you need to clear out your inventory, or have products that need to move for whatever reason, we are here to help you.

We buy tens of thousands of items across dozens of categories from all over the world. Everything can be offered to us – electronics, toys, exercise equipment, food, collectible cards, candy, housewares, snacks, hardware, health & beauty aids, giftware, clothing, sporting goods, household chemicals, and everything in between.


  • Flexible Distribution
  • Multiple warehouses across the country
  • Strong financial position
  • Quick buy/pass decision following product review
  • Best reputation in the industry
  • Committed to vendor relationships
  • We pick up the order / merchandise on our account
  • Won’t interfere with your distribution channels


  • Dealing with highly reputable organization
  • We pride ourselves on building long-term relationships
  • We avoid conflicts with your channels of distribution
  • All payments made quickly as per agreement
  • Decision made immediately upon sample review
  • High quality credit references available

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Fill in your information below and let us know what kinds of products you have available. Someone from our sales team will reach out to you very shortly to get an inventory list from you. Once we review your list, we'll ask that you send us a sample of each item that we list on our UPS account. We will review it quickly and give you a pass/buy decision usually within a few days at the most.